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We are a small team with big hearts

Our History

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, dedicated to sponsoring free education and training programs. Programs include computer literacy, English and career training. We also provides advocacy services for individual rights. We execute positive solutions that help our community grow and improve in the various areas that affect our daily lives.
Created in 2009, previously known as Angels in Action Foundation, is currently a non-profit group that is currently not funded, and made up and supported entirely by dedicated, energetic Volunteers. The original Founders consisted of Jody Wood, Carmen Salavarrieta, Norman Ortega, Maria Carrasquillo, and Alejo Alonso, all whom have years of experience of dedication to Community Outreach and leadership. It was formed out of the understanding that the area where we reside lacks specific needs.

They met for six months in our homes to determine how we were going to help our community meet those needs. We decided to start a non-profit organization to do it. The main thing we needed was a central location. We reached out to the community and found a home at unused small building owned by the PNC bank. Ivan Burgos, the current Branch Manager at that time, allowed us to use the facility for the community. Due to all the growing and loving support from everyone, We continue to grow!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work for justice and equality for oppressed, poor, and victimized people. Angels for Action are deeply committed to our cause, even when it is necessary to challenge the social and political systems that create many societal problems. We are a non-profit group, dedicated to sponsoring free education and training programs that break down the barriers separating certain community groups from mainstream society. We will work tirelessly to stop the exploitation of the weak and encourage their empowerment.
Our Goals are to be a voice for the ‘voiceless’, to advocate for our cause and to transform our words into actions ::

  • Through our partnership with the community we offer education literacy, training programs, and resources to assist marginalized people with medical issues, legal issues, social service issues, domestic abuse, funeral assistance, transportation assistance, and basic material goods such as shelter, clothing and food.

  • Aid victims of crimes of hatred, prejudice, and abuse
Food Giving

In-Kind Supporters

In-kind support and services from our partners allow us to pass 100% of public donations straight back to the community. We are deeply grateful for those who have surprised us with their generosity. A big thanks to the following companies and people who have helped make Angels For Action possible:

Neighborhood Health Services Corporation

Interested in getting your company involved? Please contact us at angelsaction@gmail.com


Social Services

We assist with securing food, clothing, shelter, referrals to social services and help locating resources, including health and children’s services, mental health services, job training and location, food stamps, rent and utility assistance.

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Educational Services

We offer English classes as a second language and basic Computer classes. We also offer citizenship courses for students that are in the process of obtaining citizenship, and community workshops on immigration issues as needed and requested.

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Community Events

We work with Hispanic and other immigrant communities to present social, educational and cultural events in order to unite our communities and maintain the cultural richness and diversity. On top of that, we also hold community meetings once every month.

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Immigration Services

We provide referrals to reputable agencies providing immigration services.


Press Information

Raising awareness of Angels For Action through local, student, or online media outlets is one way to help Angels For Action to grow. If you have questions regarding appropriate use of our logo, contact us at angelsaction@gmail.com


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